Skiing sports are extremely popular for their fun, excitement, and interesting contests. This sport is extremely popular in Nothern Europe and North America region due to their climate conditions. The first competitions were held at the end of the 18th century. In 1924, skiing was made a separate sport discipline, and the international skiing federation was created. Currently, this federation has over 126 states. The most important skiing competition is the World Cup which was created in 1973 and is now held from October to March. Millions of fans place their wagers on skiing and win huge prizes – if you want to become one of them and create an additional income stream, check out the best strategies which will allow you to place winning wagers and have a lot of fun!

Choose Favorites

In skiing, there is a clear division into favorites and underdogs. Leading positions have always been occupied by Norwegians, Swedes, Russians, Finns, and Italians. The Norwegians have the most awards, so in many cases, you can gamble on them and succeed.
This gambling strategy requires thorough research and analysis. Underdogs are quite often a lot slower than favorites at the start of the contest which is often their main tactic to seem more vulnerable in the eyes of the competitor. Underdogs often make it to the top 3 by the end of the contest, so why not use this opportunity and place some bets on skiing underdogs?

Oscar’s Grind

This is one of the most popular sports betting strategies, although it was originally developed as a win-win tactic for casinos. The system has become so multifunctional that it has established itself as a reliable way of financial management. With this tactic, you never settle for odds smaller than 2.00. After each won wager, the next wager should be bigger, and after each failed wager, you need to reduce the deposit. You cannot make a new prediction until the previous one is over. The system consists of cycles. Each cycle ends after you get more money on your account than you had before or the sum remains unchanged. That is, in case of a loss, the size of the wager does not change, and in the case of a win, the bet must be increased by one unit of the initial bet amount. For example, if the bet was 100 dollars, then the next time we win, we place 200 dollars, and so on.

Flat Tactic

If you choose live betting, you can take advantage of high odds and earn extra money. Live skiing betting is perfect if you do not have a lot of money to invest but want to multiply your deposit quickly. Flat strategy requires you to look for favorites who are slower than their competitors at the start (it usually happens over long-distance competitions). As the competition carries on, the odds to bet on a worse-performing athlete will increase, so you have to place your wager when the odds are the highest. Then you can use the top wager strategy and gamble on the athlete to come in the top 3 or 10, depending on the competition.

Place Your Wager Now!

Now that you know all the top strategies to use when gambling on skiing to get an attractive return on your investment, it is time to place a bet on the next event. Pick a competition, sign up to 2-3 sportsbooks to compare their odds, and enjoy the most generous promo deals, ensure the site allows skiing gambling, make your deposit and start having fun while multiplying your deposit. Good luck!