Sprint Relay

Technique and Format

Two-person freestyle relay, men, woman, and mixed categories.  Each skier must tag off to the next skier within the designated tag zone in front of the timing building. The skier completing their loop must touch their hand onto the body of the next skier.

Start Format

There will be three mass starts waves from the stadium based on category. If a large number of teams are registered in one category additional waves may be created. One wave will finish completely before the next one begins.

Relay Team Members

Participants will identify their relay team partner at registration form when picking up their bib the morning of the race. The skier with the odd-numbered bib should be the starter.

Course & Distance

The course is approximately one kilometer long and it starts and finishes in the Kincaid Stadium.


Alaska Mountaineering and Hiking (AMH) and Nordic Ski Association of Anchorage (NSAA)

Post-Race Activities

Lots of post-race activities are planned in the Bunker: prize raffle and AWARDS!! So plan on sticking around after the race.


The AMH Anchorage Cup ski races would not be possible without help from volunteers like you. All race officials and organizers are unpaid volunteers. To keep citizen racing alive and well, all racers should plan to help during at least one race of the series at registration, course marking or course clean-up. Non-racers can help at timing, bib-pickup and feed stations for longer races. Please ask how you or your spouse, friend, or older child can help during registration and bib-pickup.


If you need more information or if you would like to volunteer to help, please contact Race Director Raye Ann Neustel,