Hickok Duathlon

Technique and Format

A 7.5k classic ski race combined with a 7.5k freestyle race. The event is divided into two categories; solo and relay.

Solo racers ski around the 7.5k classic loop and stop in the stadium to exchange equipment before going around the 7.5k freestyle loop. Solo racers have no requirements for how much equipment they exchange. However, while in the equipment exchange area, they must come to a complete stop and step out of their bindings before continuing on. The equipment exchange area will be in a separate chute from the finish and relay tag zone chute. The equipment exchange chute will be divided into sections angled toward the exit. Each section will have a unique label. All equipment should be placed neatly in the exchange area to allow through-traffic to ski on by. Please arrive early to identify where your equipment should be placed. Don’t forget to clearly mark your equipment with identification information. It is amazing how many people have yellow ski boots!

Relay teams consist of two people, the first person skiing the classic loop and the second person skiing the freestyle loop. The tag zone is just east of the finish line near the timing building. Tags must take place within the tag zone. Relay team members will have similar bib numbers with the 100 series number for classic and the 200 series number for free style (i.e. 134 tags off to 234).

Start Format

Each of the races (solo and relay) will start in waves from the stadium. The number of waves will be determined by how many people show up but we expect 2 or 3 waves for the solo races and 1 or 2 waves for the team racers.   The waves will start every 2 minutes.  All racers should self-seed in the start area, with the elite or faster racers in front of less competitive racers. Please be considerate of your fellow skiers.

Course & Distance

The race starts and finishes in the stadium area. Racers will complete the 7.5k classic loop and then the 7.5k freestyle loop. Maps are available on-line and will be posted at registration. The race course will offer plenty of opportunities for spectators.


Each team member must register separately and identify their teammate at registration.


Alaska Pacific University Nordic Ski Club and the Nordic Ski Association of Anchorage (NSAA)

Post-Race Activities

Post race activites are food and prizes.

Anchorage Cup Points

Awards will be given to overall winners.  Anchorage Cup points will be accumulated for this race. Relay participants will receive one half of the points earned by their team. Relay team members will split the points earned.


The AMH Anchorage Cup ski races would not be possible without help from volunteers like you. All race officials and organizers are unpaid volunteers. To keep citizen racing alive and well, all racers should plan to help during at least one race of the series at registration, course marking or course clean-up. Non-racers can help at timing, bib-pickup and feed stations for longer races. Please ask how you can help during registration and bib-pickup.

Who was Bruce Hickock?

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If you need more information or if you would like to volunteer to help, please contact Race Director Raye Ann Neustel: riverhag@yahoo.com