The Groomers and NSAA Volunteers are continuing to work around the clock making snow at Kincaid.  Today, they’re getting a little help from Mother Nature as the clouds have moved in and will hopefully make a worthy deposit. One loop of the Snowmaking system is about 60-70% covered but not groomed.  As the lances and snow guns make snow, piles develop on the trail.  During the night, the Groomers come in and break the wet, hard to manage piles up, pushing and spreading the snow as they go, leaving a trail of lumpy, bumpy tilled snow.  This process will continue until they have a thick enough base, which is 6-8 inches.  Once they achieve this goal on one loop, they’ll groom it and open it to skiers.  In the meantime, this new snow should adhere well to the already packed snow on the other trails throughout the park…feel free to ski it down, with your old skis of course.

Enjoy the snow while it lasts!