With the 3+ inches of snow at Kincaid over the past weekend, there were a lot of smiling faces at the Annual Meeting.  Thanks so much to all who braved the slick roads to help us kick off what we hope to be a great ski season.  The trails were a hot topic and like us, many are anxious for some good snow coverage.  Craig and Bill are working on wheel packing the trails at Kincaid with a 3 and 4-wheeler in order to compact the snow so that it bonds to the trail.  These ATV’s provide the “light touch” required for the bonding process.  (If you have rock skis and want to ski it down, that is also a great way to pack the trails).  If we had  started this process with snowmachines, we would run the risk of just wiping the new snow right off the trail, especially on the corners.  If the first snow had been more substantial however, we would have started with the snowmachines.

As far as making snow, it looks like we have a 50% chance of snow in the forecast tomorrow and more possibly over the weekend. Our goal is to get skiers on safe, skiable trails as soon as conditions and resources allow.  Optimally, Mother Nature will play along and give us something to work with naturally, but if not, please know that we are constantly monitoring the temperature and humidity and will begin making snow as soon as the conditions are favorable.